J/Boats are the world leader in high performance sail boats – designed for cruising, day sailing, offshore racing, one-design racing.

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J/Boats reward their owners with superior handling and performance. That means winning ways on the racecourse and fast, safe passages on coastal or offshore cruises. Every J has a low centre of gravity for stability and sail-carrying ability, a balanced hull shape for a sea-kindly motion, and a spade rudder for the ultimate in manoeuvrability.

The J/Boat range have retractable carbon bow sprits to efficiently fly asymmetric spinnakers. J/Boats pioneered this asymmetric sailing system which not only enhances performance but also provides ease of handling.

It is said there are two types of sailors in the world – the young and the young-at-heart. There is a J/Boat perfect for you.  If you would like further information click on the models below, or Contact Us

Sport Series

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Dual Purpose Cruiser / Racer ‘E’ Series

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