C&C 30 debut

Congratulations to Nancy Ferguson on the launch of her C&C30 ‘Whisper 30’.

She’s not the first C&C30 to be launched in Newport USA, however she is the first to be launched in our very own Newport, on the beautiful waterways of Pittwater, just north of Sydney.

Whisper 30 arrived in Australia last week after 6 weeks at sea and went together seamlessly.  Michael Coxon and Billy Sykes from North Sails arrived shortly after she splashed to fit the sails and join us for her first sail.  Sydney put on a yet another lovely spring day, and the crew fully enjoyed every aspect of this boats capability as fine tuning was carried out on the rig.

After only a few short practice sessions, Nancy entered ‘Whisper 30’ into her first race, being a spinnaker twilight race with her predominantly female crew. The race started in 20knots, then dropped to around 15knots about a 1/3 way into the race, then to less than 10knots for the finish and the boat felt fast throughout the wind ranges.  An elated Nancy reported they won the race competing on handicap against a Farr 45, MC38, Sydney 38, Melges 32, Cape 35 and Murray 32 to name a few – ‘Yep, she’s a beauty’.

Well done to Nancy and crew – we look forward to hearing more of your exploits on your incredibly exciting C&C30 ‘Whisper 30’.

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